Online Security and Privacy for Elearners and Remote Workers

Online Security and Privacy for Elearners and Remote Workers
May 12, 2020 No Comments Challenges of Elearning, Challenges of Remote Work, Online security admin

American National Standards Institute Inc.Using the Internet can be very interesting, exciting, especially for new users. There are many exciting things to do online. The excitement of using the Internet can be marred by malicious hackers and other groups that want to collect personal information about online users. Though some organizations use some of the information they collect about on web users for personalization and recommendation of services, some others collect your information to sell it on the dark web. They collect information about your browsing habit and your scrape your entire digital footprint.

It is essential to understand that there are potential threats each time you connect to the Internet. As you connect to the Internet with your browser, there are possibilities that your requests may be intercepted. What does it mean to intercept a request?
The Internet is a huge network of networks that connects millions of computers. The Worldwide web, which is also referred to as the web, provides a way to access information from the Internet. Browsers are used to communicate and access information from the Internet via the web. Some of the popular browsers are Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera. The web is a gateway to the Internet.


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