Responsibilities of Web Users in a Digital Society

Responsibilities of Web Users in a Digital Society
May 8, 2020 No Comments Challenges of Elearning, Challenges of Remote Work admin

Though many of us work and interact with others through the web, a lot of people are yet to understand the change that has taken place in the world as a result of digital interaction. Living and working in a digital world does not make users to be equipped with the standard etiquette that governs the digital society.

Competency with the use of technology is essential, but it is also essential to understand how to behave in a digital society.
The explosive use of the internet and social media has created enormous opportunities for users to express themselves in unprecedented ways. Though all the innovative ideas of sharing content are exciting, there are associated risks in terms of Privacy and abuse. As a parent, do you encourage your kids to be security conscious as they share content that poses privacy risks in social media and other online media platforms? Do you encourage your kids to discuss issues of cyberbullying with you?


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