Use Defensive Cybersecurity to Mitigate Cyber attack

Use Defensive Cybersecurity to Mitigate Cyber attack
July 28, 2021 No Comments Cyber defense, cybersecurity, Online security, System security admin reported that the Kaseya was warned by the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure that there was a potential vulnerability in its system. In this case, Kaseya did not ignore the warning, but Kaseya did not move first to patch up the exposure. The impact of this attack on Kaseya is enormous because it is reported to have affected over 1500 organizations from several parts of the world. If you did not find the flaws or vulnerabilities in your system, someone else might find it, and I can assure you that the result will not be fun.

BBC News stated that some 500 Coop supermarket stores in Sweden were forced to close due to the Kaseya cyber-attack. You can see that the impact is reaching not only organizations but also individuals who are not connected to any internet business or activity. Imagine where your neighborhood stores are closed, and you cannot get necessary supplies like food and medicine.
The issue of cybersecurity is not a problem for the IT department or the C Suite. Instead, it is a problem for everyone. There are not enough cybersecurity experts to carry out all the tests and parching of vulnerabilities.


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