Approaches to Penetration Testing

Approaches to Penetration Testing
April 7, 2021 No Comments Cyber defense, cybersecurity, Elearning, Online security, Penetration testing, System security admin

The need to discuss testing is borne out of the desire to ensure the safe and secure use of the software. Almost everyone that has access to the internet uses some software or the other. The pandemic era has even made the use of computer software more prevalent than any other time since the origin of the internet.

Some people might say that they are not security professionals and may not be showing interest in software security discussions. My response to such thoughts is that they need to develop and maintain secure software and applications through testing is not only the responsibility of security professionals.

It should be a priority and a need for everyone who uses any software. Even if you do not use it directly, the organizations that provide services for you do use them, and any breach from your service providers may have a devastating effect on your livelihood.


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