Challenges of Social Engineering

Challenges of Social Engineering
May 16, 2020 No Comments Challenges of Elearning, Challenges of Remote Work, Online security, Uncategorized admin

Social engineering has been described from many perspectives, but it is not a new concept. Social engineering refers to a deceptive activity that is used to trick a victim or a person into taking certain actions that may be beneficial to the attacker and detrimental to the victim.
Social engineering has been used all the ages in human history. All throughout history, there have been cases of human hacking where a person has been deceived into taking an action that is for another person’s benefit.
You may ask, what is the connection between social engineering and human vulnerability? Human behavior such as a human impulse or sudden desire to take action irrespective of whether the action could have a detrimental effect on the actor is fueling social engineering.
If you are a person that has the disposition to make money without working for it or deserving it, you are more likely to fall for a social engineering bait to claim some money that is not yours and that you have no right to receive.

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