Security Challenges in Elearning Systems

Security Challenges in Elearning Systems
May 20, 2020 No Comments Challenges of Elearning, Challenges of Remote Work, Online security admin

Any Course Save Up to 97% Now at John Academy Online CoursesAs eLearning is emerging as a good alternative for leaning in situations where learners and instructors cannot meet in a physical location, the need to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of eLearning systems are growing just as the demand for eLearning is growing.

Elearning depends on the internet and its availability and suffers the same potential threat as other online activities. However, the impact of a breach can differ from the use and the type of system. A breach in an eLearning system can have a far-reaching effect. Imagine a situation where a learner is locked out of an eLearning system on an examination day or a day for the submission of a critical assignment. Also, try to imagine where examination scores are compromised before the exam result is published. The security of eLearning systems is vital to user trust and acceptability.


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