The Human Factor in a Ransomware Attack Part-1

The Human Factor in a Ransomware Attack Part-1
June 11, 2021 No Comments Uncategorized admin

Multifactor authentication requires that the user of a system use a combination of factors to authenticate or confirm a right to access a system. In some systems, two types of authentications are required while in some other systems, more than two are required. The most common type of authentication is the username and password. The user’s name and password are just one factor. To make authentication to be multifactor, a system will require the user to provide another form of identification.

For example, you may have experienced being asked to provide a phone number or to answers personal security questions which can be used to confirm that you are the owner of the account. Other forms of authentication in place are Fingerprints, facial recognition, voice, retina or iris scanning, or other Biometrics Behavioral analysis….More

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